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How Healthy IS NU Breed?

NU Breed coaches will do skill testing this week. All healthy organizations do a health checkup to improve what they do.

Part of health checkups is how we adapt to change. We have limited court space this week, so this is the week to test athletes. Janá posted this week's schedule on Stack Team App.

The athlete evaluation will serve two purposes. First, what growth can we measure for each athlete? Second, how well did our coaches do in training athletes? Third, what we, the NU Breed leaders, learn about improving what we do as a club.

In short, how healthy are we overall, and what pivots are needed for us to be better?

NU Breed wants to be the best we can be to help build confident athletes with strong court skills, and this checkup is one way we can make that happen.

Healthy things grow, and NU Breed wants to be healthy.

We are NU breed, the rumor of something good.

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