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March Madness Tournament Information

NU Breed Volleyball Club is committed to upholding the integrity of the game by following USAV Volleyball rules in all of our tournaments. We believe that fair play is essential in creating a positive and competitive environment and we take pride in adhering to these standards to ensure that all players and teams have an enjoyable and successful experience.  Please click the button below if you have any additional questions regarding USAV Indoor Volleyball guidelines.

Summary of USAV Rule Changes for the 2023-24 Season

There are some important changes to the rules that all players and coaches should be aware of.  To ensure that everyone is playing on a level field, our referees will be enforcing these new rules. Please review the details on our website or reach out to us with any questions you may have.


All age groups are now allowed 8 seconds to serve.

Previous rule: 5 seconds permitted to serve.


Ages 14 and younger are permitted to re-serve.  The player must allow the ball to fall to the floor or the player must catch the ball to receive a re-serve.

Previous rule: Player could not catch the ball.


The coach or assistant coach is now allowed to be near the court while the ball is in play.  The coach must not obstruct the line judge's view of the sideline, substitutes on the bench must still remain seated or in the warm up area.


Judgement decision are not subject to protest.  A protest related to a judgement decision may result in a penalty (red card) being assessed to the coach.


Jewelry is allowed at players discretion and we will not be responsible for lost or damage items.  If the jewelry poses potential for injuries, the referee can make the decision to ask the athlete to remove such items.


Attached are the live links provided for tournament schedule and play information.  The updates will happen throughout the day and will provide the latest information on match, court and time scheduling.​

16U Schedule - 

12U Schedule - 

Tickets are on sale can be purchased here:

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Saturday & Sundary

March 16th & 17th

Tournament Hours


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McDermont Facility Information

Facility Rules


Food or Drink

No food or drink is allowed inside the facility unless it was purchased within the facility.


Club/Team Campsite Location

All Clubs/Teams must set up outside under the awnings on the north side of the entrance or next to the street on the south side of the entrance (minimum of 5ft away from the building to allow ADA and wheelchair access).


Club/Team Campsite

No club/team camp will be allowed to set up inside the facility unless approved by McDermont due to unforeseen weathers and other circumstances.  


McDermont Food Court

McDermont Food Court will be open for this event.  Food, drinks and snacks are available for purchase near the entrance to the tournament courts.  Pictured on the website is the food menu that will be available on tournament day.

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