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You Can Fail 7 Out Of Ten Attempts And Be A Star

NU Breed rejoices with our 18's team as they earned a 2-1 record in the Elite Silver division of SCVA at Irvine.

The team continues to improve since winning their bracket at the 37th Las Vegas Volleyball classic. We want to recognize the enhanced play under Coach Sai and Coach Hailey.

NU Breed is active in helping athletes step into the next level of play. Three athletes on the 18's team are being recruited to play in college. College coaches are asking for information about two other players. We expect to share their decision with the public soon.

There is an art to coaching a brutal sport. Volleyball is brutal. Any sport where you can fail seven out of ten times and be a star is brutal. NU Breed has coaches who are good at helping athletes become great at a hard sport like volleyball.

We rejoice with our 18's team as they work hard to finish strong in the season.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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