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Winning For Others-Weekend Review

This past weekend our sixteen-age teams played in the Fresno League, and we tested their skills and saw the athletes improve.

Nayeli's 16s saw better play from the team as they kept growing their skill and learning to play as a unit. Each player's bud of potential is starting to bloom and show its vibrant color of solid play.

Kathy's team played well, taking each match to three games. With a renewed lineup, athletes played courageously in positions, not their norm. One of our impact players suffered an injury and could not continue to play but could not. Her bravery showed as she wanted to play but could not. She will need to rest for two weeks, but we expect and welcome her return. Pray for her healing to be complete.

Once again, improved play is our first measure of success: a good job, team, and Coach Jessica. Jessica's team went 3-1 for a first-place finish. Now you win a chance to fight at the next level up.

NU Breed athletes seek a victory that equally belongs to everyone on the team. One measurement of success is when they learn not to play for themselves. Our players are doing this well.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

Team Jessica 16's

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