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Unlock Your Potential: Join NU Breed's Championship-Winning Volleyball Summer Sessions!

Are you ready to take your volleyball skills to the next level this summer?

Do you want to join a winning team where players have a track record of success on the court? Look no further than NU Breed Volleyball Summer Sessions! But hurry fast; registration is closing this week, and only a few spots remain!

The Summer Sessions are a perfect fit for grades 6-8. One practice session a week and a few competitions to test their skills for this truncated season. Our practices are instructive but intense and challenging.

Our training program has produced championship teams and top players over the years. Two of our 12 Teams finished in the gold Division at the JVA Heat Championships. Our 16's team won the Gold medal in the Silver division, and another team placed fourth.

Our 12U team placed first in the Silver Division of the tough So Cal Championships. Our 18's teams are also among the top teams in the SCVA Silver Division.

Three of our athletes committed to playing volleyball in colleges locally and on the east coast. Another NU Breed family athlete signed to play for Southern Connecticut D2. These are just a few examples of the excellence our program cultivates and has maintained throughout the years.

At NU Breed Volleyball summer sessions, our coaches are experienced communicators committed to helping each athlete succeed on the volleyball courts. Our dynamic coaches will equip young players with the tools necessary to become skilled volleyball players, with refined techniques in serving, passing, blocking, hitting, and setting to mention just a few. 

Summer Sessions are also practical for maintaining and enhancing existing skills. They offer the perfect opportunity for athletes to stay sharp, grow their confidence on the court, and master new and essential skills for success in the game.

Every young athlete deserves professional coaching and training to achieve their goals. We design our Summer Session as an excellent value for families at just $150.00! It is affordable and accessible, designed to fit most family budgets and vacation plans.

We encourage all parents and youth volleyball enthusiasts to register for our NU Breed Volleyball Summer Sessions today. Our expert coaches will help young athletes grow their skill levels, confidence, and passion for volleyball. But spots are limited! Register now to avoid missing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Start this summer break with a skill-boosting volley as a NU Breed Volleyball training program member. Don't wait to register — join our winning teams today.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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