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Don't Miss Out on Hawaii Transpacific Volleyball Tournament: Secure Your Spot with Hanson Travel Today!


Are you and your volleyball athlete ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to the Hawaii Transpacific Volleyball Tournament? This prestigious event attracts teams from around the globe, making travel and accommodation arrangements highly competitive. That's why it's crucial to act now and secure your spot with Hansen Travel before the August 31, 2023, deadline. In this blog, we'll explore why making your deposit is essential to take advantage of savings, ensure ease of travel, and guarantee a seamless tournament experience.

Capitalizing on Savings and Ease of Travel:

By depositing with Hanson Travel before the August 31 deadline, you unlock various benefits to enhance your tournament experience. Here's why securing your spot early is crucial:

1. Exclusive Savings: Hanson Travel has negotiated special rates and discounts for early bookings, allowing you to take advantage of significant savings on travel and accommodation expenses. Take advantage of these exclusive offers, as prices tend to rise as the tournament draws nearer.

2. Preferred Accommodation: With teams from around the globe attending the Hawaii Transpacific Volleyball Tournament, securing preferred accommodation becomes increasingly challenging. By making your deposit early, you increase your chances of securing prime hotels and locations, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay for you and your athlete.

3. Streamlined Logistics: Planning travel logistics for a large group can be complex and time-consuming. By depositing early, you allow Hanson Travel to handle the intricate details of transportation arrangements, leaving you and your athlete to focus on training and preparation. The experienced team at Hanson Travel will ensure a seamless travel experience, from flights to ground transportation.

4. Peace of Mind: Making your deposit before the deadline eliminates the stress and uncertainty of last-minute travel arrangements. You can relax and enjoy the anticipation of the tournament, knowing that your travel plans are in the hands of seasoned professionals who will provide support and guidance every step of the way.

Meeting the Minimum Requirement:

It's important to note that at least 60 travelers must confirm their deposit by August 31, 2023, to secure the savings and ease of travel benefits. This requirement ensures the group maintains its collective bargaining power, resulting in the best possible rates and accommodations for all participants.

As a responsible parent, it's crucial to encourage fellow team members and parents to act promptly and make their deposits before the deadline. Share the importance of meeting the minimum traveler requirement and emphasize the advantages of early booking, including cost savings and peace of mind. Together, you can ensure that everyone enjoys a memorable tournament experience without the added burden of individual travel arrangements.


Take advantage of the opportunity to save money, secure preferred accommodations, and streamline your travel logistics for the Hawaii Transpacific Volleyball Tournament. By depositing with Hanson Travel before August 31, 2023, you guarantee substantial savings, ease of travel, and peace of mind for yourself and your athlete.

Remember, attending a tournament of this caliber is a remarkable opportunity for your athlete to showcase their skills and compete against teams worldwide. Acting promptly and rallying support to meet the minimum traveler requirement creates an unforgettable experience for your athlete and the entire team. Having athletes travel together and make memories of a lifetime will be fun.

Contact Hanson Travel today to learn more about the deposit process, secure your spot, and embark on a tournament journey filled with excitement, competitive spirit, and lifelong memories.


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