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They Join The Legacy Of Past NU Breed Athletes Committed To Playing College Volleyball.

The NU BREED Volleyball Club had much to celebrate this last night as three athletes, Gabby, Quiana, and Amaya, committed to play volleyball for three colleges. The announcement was made in a packed gymnasium of the NU Breed tribal family along with the athletes' families, administrators, coaches, and sports writer Matthew Brady.

Janá, the NU BREED administrator, delivered a powerful speech expressing how meaningful it is for these young athletes to take the next step forward in their volleyball endeavors. She highlighted these players' hard work, dedication, and the responsibility they now have to respect their school, program, and community as game leaders. Janá reminded the athletes they are role models and inspirations for the younger generation, and the whole volleyball community is proud of their accomplishments.

There was an undeniable passion and energy in the room as each athlete signed their letter of intent, signaling the beginning of their next chapter as collegiate athletes. It's a testament to the hard work, dedication, and inspiring teamwork demonstrated on behalf of the NU BREED Volleyball Club. They join the legacy of past NU Breed athletes committed to playing college volleyball.

Sportswriter Matthew Brady took advantage of the occasion and interviewed the players and coaches present to memorialize this unforgettable evening. Players each expressed appreciation for the support of their families, teammates, and coaches.

This wonderful evening will be featured in the Porterville Recorder Sports section this coming Saturday, and we couldn't be happier to showcase these outstanding athletes and their hard-earned achievements.

A promising future awaits Gabby, Quiana, and Amaya as they embark on their college careers, and we do not doubt that they will continue to make NU BREED Volleyball Club proud.

A special appreciation for Coach Sai and Coach Hailey, who have been vanguards in this outcome. Without your guidance and training, these athletes would not be where they are today.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

Video Credit: Lorena Leon

PC: Donna Keovilaysane

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