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The Real Focus of NU BREED Volleyball Coaches: Beyond the Score.

In the competitive world of sports, scores are the primary measure of success. However, the coaches envision a broader perspective in the realm of NU BREED Volleyball. The final tally on the scoreboard doesn't primarily define victory but rather the personal growth and development achieved by the young athletes. It's an unorthodox approach, but it pivots on the belief that focusing solely on scores overlooks the invaluable opportunity to mold sustainable habits that produce better players and individuals.

At the heart of the NU BREED Volleyball coaching philosophy is the belief that the game provides a platform to shape lifelong skills in young athletes. These include perseverance, discipline, teamwork, and resilience, among other attributes. It's not about discounting the value of winning; instead, it's about acknowledging that there's a more profound victory beyond the game's final whistle. It's about accepting that our athletes are in an age of self-discovery when the seeds of habits are sowed, some of which mirror their future selves.

NU BREED coaches are proponents of habit design - a concept that transcends winning and losing. They understand the need to cultivate habitual methodologies that orient athletes towards individual and collective success, both on and off the court. Yes, developing winning habits increases the probability of game success, but more importantly, these habits persistently influence life outside the sporting arenas. The intention is to ingrain these habits so much that they become second nature, ultimately impacting the athletes' mental, physical, and social well-being.

Many argue that desire, passion, and an insatiable hunger for improvement are all needed to excel in sports. There's no denying these attributes are vital, but relying on grit alone is like trying to light a fire without a spark. NU BREED Volleyball coaches recognize that while raw talent, passion, and hard work are crucial ingredients for success in sports, they shouldn't be the only focus. A comprehensive approach that fuses these attributes with a precise training and thinking system is pivotal for comprehensive success.

A structured training system enables athletes to improve their skills systematically and progressively. It makes learning more efficient, providing a roadmap to challenging and attainable excellence. More than just skills, this training system instills discipline and a sense of order in the players, traits necessary to become more successful versions of themselves.

NU BREED Volleyball's emphasis on thinking systems is another aspect that sets them apart. The coaches appreciate that sportsmanship, like life, isn't black and white. Consequently, they aim to cultivate an expanding mindset among their athletes. Thinking systems enhance mental agility, allowing players to understand that failure isn't a full stop but a comma in their life storyline. It strengthens their mental fortitude, enriching their resilience when confronting both sports-related and life challenges.

The problem lies not in skill development or a lack of desire to win but in neglecting to build vital training and thinking systems. Not paying attention to these systems may breed short-term success, but it might also create a highly vulnerable approach with no long-term sustainability. To build a solid foundation for enduring triumph, one needs to look beyond the immediate score and evaluate the bigger picture - this is precisely where NU BREED Volleyball's coaching philosophy comes in.

NU BREED Volleyball's unconventional approach breaks away from the traditional perspective of success in sports. It acknowledges that while record-breaking scores are essential, they are not the end-all and be-all. Success happens when players evolve into the best versions of themselves, armed with habits and systems that have been fine-tuned for persistent success. Because, in the grand game of life, it's not the singular victories that matter but the endurance to keep playing, improving, and growing, one game at a time.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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