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The Power Of Positive Habits: How To Give Coaches The Material To Tell Your Story

As an athlete, it's essential to understand that your habits, attitude, timeliness, skill, mindset, and character can make or break your career.

These are the things that coaches look for when scouting potential players for their team, and they're also the things that can influence a coach's decision to contact you for recruitment.

So, what happens when a coach from your next level contacts your current coach to inquire about these factors? Well, it's an opportunity for your current coach to showcase your strengths and areas of improvement. It's a chance for them to portray who you are as an athlete and individual accurately.

You must cultivate positive habits, attitude, timeliness, skill, mindset, and character to ensure your coach can provide the inquiring coach with suitable material to tell your story. Here are some ways to do this:


- Show up to practice and games on time

- Take care of your equipment and gear

- Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle

- Stay organized and prepared for games and practices

- Continuously work on improving your skills and technique


- Approach each practice and game with a positive, can-do attitude

- Be coachable and open to feedback

- Encourage and support your teammates

- Stay focused and committed to achieving team goals


- Arrive early to practices and games to warm up and prepare

- Don't let outside distractions interfere with your schedule and commitment to the team


- Continuously work on developing and honing your skills

- Seek out opportunities to train and practice outside of scheduled team activities

- Be receptive to feedback and coaching from your coaches and mentors


- Adopt a growth mindset and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and development

- Stay focused and motivated, even during difficult times

- Visualize success and set achievable goals


- Demonstrate integrity and honesty on and off the field

- Respect your coaches, teammates, and opponents

- Take responsibility for your actions and mistakes

- Give back to your community through volunteer work and community service

By embodying these positive traits and habits, you give your coach the material they need to tell your story accurately and effectively to the inquiring coach.

Remember, your coach will not embellish your story, so it's up to you to create a positive narrative that showcases your potential and commitment to the sport.

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