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The NU Breed End of the Year Potluck Picnic.


As the end of the year approached, anticipation filled the air at NU Breed. The stage was set for a remarkable celebration - the NU Breed End of the Year Potluck Picnic. This tribal gathering party brought together athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters to commemorate a year of hard work, dedication, and achievements. Let's dive into the incredible experience that made this event truly unforgettable.

A Feast for the Senses:

The NU Breed Potluck Picnic was a culinary delight that left taste buds tingling and stomachs satisfied. The planning team's tables were tables with an array of delectable dishes, each prepared with love and care by the athletes and their families. From savory main dishes to mouthwatering desserts, there was something for everyone. The aroma of the food filled the air, creating an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness.

Games that Ignited the Spirit:

The potluck picnic was not just about indulging in delicious food but also a time for friendly competition and exhilarating games. Teams were formed, and laughter echoed throughout the venue as athletes went head-to-head in a thrilling "steal the pin" and a tarp relay race. The spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition was palpable, bringing everyone closer together.

Honoring the Seniors:

One of the most inspiring moments of the day was the recognition of the senior athletes. These outstanding individuals, on the cusp of embarking on their college journeys, were celebrated for their remarkable achievements. Witnessing them sign commitment letters to play in college was a testament to their hard work and determination. The NU Breed community stood in awe, proud of their accomplishments, and excited for the future.

Recognizing the Standout Players:

The event also honored the standout players who contributed significantly throughout the year. Whether it was an extraordinary serve, a game-changing play, or an unwavering commitment to the team, these athletes were rightfully acknowledged for their exceptional performances. The applause that filled the air was a testament to the support and appreciation within the NU Breed community.

A Memorable Conclusion:

The End of the Year NU Breed Potluck Picnic was more than a gathering. It culminated in a year of hard work, growth, and unity. The joyous atmosphere and the sense of belonging that enveloped the event created memories that will be cherished forever. As the day ended, everyone left with renewed pride and excitement for the upcoming year's gathering.

Looking Forward:

With the success of this year's potluck picnic, the anticipation for the next gathering is already building. The NU Breed community is eager to continue the tradition and create unforgettable moments. It is a testament to the bond within the tribe and the commitment to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment.


The End of the Year NU Breed Potluck Picnic was an extraordinary celebration that united athletes, families, and supporters. From the irresistible food to the exhilarating games and the heartfelt recognition of seniors and standout players, this event was a true testament to the spirit of NU Breed. As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, the memories created at this potluck picnic will forever remind us of the incredible journey ahead. Here's to the next chapter and the continued growth of the NU Breed tribe!

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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