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Since its inception, the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL team has roared vividly, gracing the volleyball courts with vigor, vivacity, and virtuosity. Now, these athletes need your support and participation in a unique way that would assist them financially and introduce you to an exciting world of winning. I am talking about a raffle, but not just any raffle! This event is a splendid opportunity for you, the NU BREED community members, friends of NU Breed, and volleyball lovers to rally behind these stellar athletes by purchasing raffle tickets.

Imagine striking gold with any of the 17 remarkable raffle packages we have for you. Each ticket allows you to become the lucky winner of these fantastic items. Whether you are a coffee lover, a fitness enthusiast, an electronics geek, or a sports fan, there's a raffle prize that will tickle your fancy.

At the click of a button on, you could secure your chance to win an assortment of fabulous prizes. Our mixed green $200 cash gift basket brims with an intriguing selection that interests you. Are you more interested in recreational activities? You may fancy our gift basket pass to Six Flags.

For the tech and gadget enthusiasts, there's an alluring chance to win state-of-the-art AirPods with a case or a crystal-clear 32-inch Roco smart TV. How about an innovative, sleek Apple Watch if that doesn't excite you enough?

If food and drinks are your thing, stake your claim on our Coffee Lovers or Wine Connoisseur basket. Another offer is an eat-and-treat food bouquet, which promises several delicious delicacy surprises from several restaurants. Carnivores can look forward to the Plano jerky basket, and snack fanatics can anticipate the cooler and snacks pack.

There's more! Golf enthusiasts can get a Sherwood Forest golf package, while supporters can showcase their loyalty with the 49er faithful gift pack. You stand a chance to win two sturdy stadium chairs, a high-quality Tourit Cooler, a Yeti cup package, and last but not least, a Nike card for the sports gear hounds. Casino fans may relish the chance to win the Eagle Mountain Gift Basket.

You may buy tickets for any prize package and add the athlete's name you want to support at checkout. If you don't know any athletes by name, write "NU Breed." The proceeds will be credited to an athlete in need of financial help.

This exciting raffle pre-empts the anticipation of supporting our hardworking athletes and the delightful surprise that may come your way when you win. It's a two-way street - the sheer joy of giving and the thrill of the potential of receiving. But hurry, the clock is ticking! The fundraiser ends on February 8, 2024.

Indulge in the spirit of camaraderie, support, and sportsmanship. Invest in a ticket or more to assist the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL athletes in their journey. Your generosity will not only be a stepping stone for their success but can equally bring home a prize you covet.

The raffle tickets are yours for the taking, and the abundant reward could be yours for the winning. Stand in support of our athletes; stand with NU BREED VOLLEYBALL. The ball is in your court now!

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

**We assure you that all ticket purchases are digitally recorded to ensure our record-keeping remains accurate and reliable. We understand the importance of maintaining transparent and secure transactions and strive to provide our supporters with the utmost service and safety.

Thank you for choosing NU Breed athletes to support, and we appreciate your trust in us.

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