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NU Breed Is Pivoting

Hi NU Breed family and friends,

You may have received some unexpected messages from NU Breed recently. We redesigned our website because we need more clean hub space to expand what we offer.

We are making significant pivots as a natural evolution of what we have built for the last few years. We felt that the changes were best after the Tribal Gathering. So here we are.

We may experience minor troubles as we complete the changes, and we appreciate your patience.

You will like what we have done to improve what we do and to offer our NU Breed family more. We needed a hub and connecting space to do this. 

You can download the "Fit By Wix" app connected to our hub site, making buying tickets and NU Breed gear easier and staying informed. You will receive an "invite" to subscribe and download our NU Breed Fit App.

We will share more detail soon.

NU Breed is a thought leader in junior volleyball, and we are grateful to journey together as we press forward to create a better future.

We are grateful to Sai Keovilaysane for being the lead catalyst in our story arc.

We are NU Breed, the future of history.

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