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NU Breed Heroines and The Rest of Quiana's Story

This portion of Quiana Gibb's Contribution is essential to NU Breed, Summit Charter Collegiate Academy, and the volleyball community. Please share this post to help tell a more accurate version of Quina's story.

Quiana's impact on the volleyball programs at both Summit Charter Collegiate Academy and NU BREEDS cannot be overstated. Her dedication, hard work, and leadership were instrumental in the growth and success of both programs.

At Summit Charter Collegiate Academy, Quiana helped to build a championship quality program from the ground up. Her contributions to the team's growth and development were critical to their success, and she played an essential role in leading the team to a League Championship in just three years.

Similarly, at NU BREEDS, Quiana's hard work and leadership helped establish the program as high-achieving. Her commitment to excellence and ability to motivate and inspire her teammates were essential to the team's success.

Quiana's impact on both programs extended beyond her role as a player. She was a mentor and role model to her teammates, constantly pushing them to be their best on and off the court. Her positive attitude and work ethic was contagious, inspiring those around her to strive for excellence.

Overall, Quiana's contributions to the growth and success of the Summit Charter Collegiate Academy volleyball programs and NU BREEDS were invaluable. Her legacy will continue to inspire future generations of volleyball players, and her impact on these programs will reiterate for years.

This information inadvertently did not make it to print but needs correction to adequately reflect our athletes' impact and legacies in volleyball, so a second version was in order.

I apologize for the error. Although I did not author the print story, I could have done a better job expressing the contribution of all our athletes. I will work to be better. I

I am grateful to Charles Whisnand, Managing Editor, Porterville Recorder, and Recorder Sports Writer Matthew Brady for their help highlighting Quiana, Amaya, and Gaby's story.

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