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Prepare for a weekend where the heart of the competition beats in sync with cultural celebration! NU Breed Volleyball is thrilled to invite you to our next Tribal Gathering tournament on March 16-17, 2024. This special event, hosting both 12U and 16U teams, is not just a tournament; it's a vibrant homage to the rich heritage and contributions of Indigenous athletes in volleyball, making it a one-of-a-kind volleyball celebration in the USA.

Our previous 14s Tribal Gathering set the standard with its remarkable success, receiving rave reviews that have left us overjoyed and full of anticipation for what's to come. Parents from Vista have shared their enthusiasm: "They loved the tribal tournament, complimented how well it was running and how nice the facility was. They loved it and plan to return next year." With such positive feedback, we're committed to replicating and enhancing the experience, aiming for another triumph this weekend.

The Tribal Gathering is more than just a game; it's NU Breed's visionary step towards intertwining the future with the present through our unparalleled tournament structure. We've taken the initiative to ensure that every position at each court is staffed with Certified Referees, a testament to our dedication to fairness, order, and the highest level of competitive play. This tournament design is how we're shaping the future of history as we strive to secure a more influential role in junior volleyball.

Our commitment continues beyond there. As we orchestrate this weekend's event, we are redefining success by fostering a space that celebrates athletic prowess and honors the cultural legacy intrinsic to the Tribal Gathering. It's an opportunity for young athletes to engage in a tournament that respects and integrates Indigenous communities' values, history, and stories through the dynamic platform of volleyball.

Join us for this unparalleled adventure with NU BREED VOLLEYBALL. Embrace the unique blend of high-octane volleyball action and profound cultural appreciation. Here, athletes aren't just playing for points; they're part of a deeper narrative that acknowledges and respects the origins and continuing journey of Indigenous athletes in the sport.

Let the excitement build as we countdown to the March 16-17 tournament weekend. Whether you're a seasoned team ready to take on the challenge or fresh faces eager to debut, the Tribal Gathering is your stage to shine, compete, and connect with the game's roots.

Take advantage of this extraordinary event where athletes, families, and communities come together to honor the past, compete in the present, and shape the future of volleyball. Set your sights on victory, cultural enrichment, and an experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of the sport. We can't wait to welcome you to the Tribal Gathering – where every serve, spike, and defensive play celebrates the spirit of volleyball and the heritage of its players. See you on the courts!

We are Nu Breed, the rumor of something good.

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