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New Era of Volleyball: Highlights from NU Breed's Day 1 Gathering


The inaugural NU BREED VOLLEYBALL Day 1 gathering was an exciting and enjoyable event where players had the opportunity to meet their coaches and teammates. The atmosphere reverberated with fun, community, and delicious treats. With the support of Janà and the service team, who provided nachos and organized engaging games, as well as Coach Stephanie's tasty pumpkin bread, the event became a memorable start to the season. The spirited team cheers and the presence of outstanding parents added a special touch to the night, fostering a strong sense of connection.

Meeting Coaches and Teammates:

The gathering began with players meeting with their coaches and teammates. This initial meeting allowed everyone to get acquainted and establish a sense of teamwork and unity from the beginning. The coaches' enthusiasm and dedication were evident as they shared their expertise and encouraged players to work together towards a successful season. This interaction laid the foundation for a supportive and collaborative environment.

Fun and Games by Janà and the Service Team:

Janà and the service team were crucial in making the Day 1 gathering a delightful experience—their efforts to organize engaging games injected energy and excitement into the event. From friendly competitions to team-building activities, the participants were not only able to showcase their skills but also bond with their new teammates. The nachos provided by Janà and the service team were a tasty treat that added to the overall enjoyment of the evening.

Delicious Pumpkin Bread by Coach Stephany:

Coach Stephanie's tasty pumpkin bread was a highlight of the gathering. Her culinary skills were on full display as players savored the homemade treat. The pumpkin bread not only satisfied our taste buds but also created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Coach Stephany's contribution to the event added a personal touch, demonstrating her commitment to the team's well-being on and off the court.

Creative Team Cheers:

The team cheers during the gathering were both fun and creative. They played a significant role in boosting morale and fostering a sense of unity among the players. The cheers not only showcased the team's spirit but also provided an opportunity for players to express their individuality. The creative chants and synchronized movements created an electric atmosphere, leaving everyone feeling motivated and excited for the season ahead.

Outstanding Parental Support:

The presence of the outstanding parents at the gathering added another layer of texture to the night of connection. Their unwavering support and encouragement were evident throughout the event. Whether cheering from the sidelines or actively participating in the activities, the parents' involvement demonstrated their dedication to their children's athletic endeavors. Their presence created a strong support network and emphasized the importance of teamwork, not just among the players but also among the parents.


The NU BREED VOLLEYBALL Day 1 gathering was a memorable and enjoyable event that set the stage for a successful season. The opportunity to meet coaches, bond with teammates, and engage in fun games organized by Janà and the service team created a strong community. Coach Stephany's delicious pumpkin bread added a personal touch, while the creative team cheers and outstanding parental support further enhanced the evening. With such a promising start, it is clear that the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL club is poised for a season filled with growth, teamwork, and success.

Join us for our next NU Breed gathering on Sunday, November 12, 2023, at 9 AM at Port Naz at 2005 W Olive Avenue, Porterville, CA 93257.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

Video credits form a variety of NU Breed family members.

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