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In the vibrant world of NU BREED Volleyball, where passion and camaraderie collide, one individual stands out as the unsung hero behind the scenes. Michelle Cabbab, a dedicated volunteer who selflessly lends a helping hand with administrative duties, brings a warmth and kindness that permeates every event. But there's more to Michelle than meets the eye. With her keen eye for photography, she captures the spirit of NU BREED gatherings and tournament play and shares those precious moments with the entire volleyball family. Through her quiet actions and artistic lens, Michelle has become an extraordinary force within NU BREED, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who cross her path.

A Hidden Talent Unveiled

Michelle Cabbab's journey with NU BREED Volleyball began as a devoted parent, supporting her child's passion for the sport. However, it wasn't long before her talent behind the lens caught the attention of others. With her innate ability to capture the beauty and energy of the game, Michelle discovered a unique way to contribute to the NU BREED community. Her photographs freeze moments in time and serve as lasting reminders of the shared experiences and bonds formed within the volleyball family.

The Gift of Help, On and Off the Court

While Michelle's photography skills have become her trademark, her commitment to helping others remains at the forefront of her contributions. In addition to assisting with administrative duties, she seamlessly integrates her passion for photography into her volunteer work. From capturing the excitement of tryouts to immortalizing the intensity of tournament play, Michelle's photographs preserve the essence of NU BREED Volleyball, allowing families to relive the memories for years to come.

A Whispering Soul

Michelle's quiet demeanor belies the impact she has within NU BREED. Though soft-spoken, her actions resound profoundly. With every click of her camera shutter, she captures the emotions, triumphs, and bonds the players, parents, and coaches share. Her photographs become an unspoken language that speaks volumes, conveying the passion, dedication, and love that permeates the NU BREED community.

Sharing the Magic

Michelle's generosity extends beyond her time and talent. She freely shares her captivating photographs with fellow NU BREED Volleyball parents, creating a sense of unity and connection among the families. By immortalizing the achievements and joyous moments of others, she spreads the spirit of NU BREED far and wide, strengthening the bonds that tie the community together.

A Mosaic of Love

Michelle Cabbab's contributions to NU BREED Volleyball embody the essence of a passionate and nurturing community. As one of the fantastic parents who help build what they love, she weaves together the threads of support, dedication, and artistic expression, transforming them into a vibrant tapestry that encapsulates the spirit of NU BREED. Her photographs testify to the collective effort and love shared by all involved.


Michelle Cabbab's journey within NU BREED Volleyball is a testament to the profound impact an individual with a kind heart, a helping hand, and an artistic eye can have on a community. Through her administrative assistance, photography skills, and selfless sharing of captured moments, Michelle has become an extraordinary presence within NU BREED Volleyball, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who have known her.

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