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Coach Maddie Gates, a former NU BREED volleyball athlete, is an exceptional individual with an impressive sports background. Born and raised in Reedley, California, Coach Gates had a strong foundation of support from her parents, Tony and Lesley Gates, and her younger sister, Morgan Gates.

From an early age, Coach Gates showed immense talent and passion for volleyball. This dedication propelled her to play four years of varsity volleyball for the Reedley High Pirates, where she left an indelible mark on the team and the community. Her outstanding performance on the court earned her three First Team All-League Honors, a testament to her skill and commitment.

Recognizing her potential, Coach Gates accepted an athletic scholarship to play at Marymount California University, a significant stepping stone in her volleyball journey. As a Mariner, she showcased her versatility and adaptability by playing one season of indoor volleyball and one season of beach volleyball. Her ability to excel in different settings demonstrated her determination and love for the game.

However, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges, causing Coach Gates to make a difficult decision. She transferred to Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, where she continued her athletic and academic pursuits. Currently, Coach Gates is in her third season as a Mustang, representing her university with pride and determination.

Having experienced the NU BREED volleyball program firsthand as an athlete, Coach Gates brings a unique perspective and understanding to her role. Her impressive skills and friendly and approachable nature make her an invaluable asset to NU BREED VOLLEYBALL - North. As a coach, she strives to inspire and guide her athletes toward greatness, imparting her wisdom and knowledge gained from her own experiences.

Coach Maddie Gates is a talented athlete and coach and a role model for aspiring volleyball players. Her passion, creativity, and friendly demeanor make her a true asset to the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL - North program, and her dedication and commitment to the sport will leave a lasting impact on the volleyball community.

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