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Meet Ariana Arteaga: The New Addition to NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH Team!

Welcoming Arianna Arteaga: A Rising Volleyball Star Joins NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH


The NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH team is thrilled to announce the arrival of a talented newcomer, Ariana Arteaga. As a freshman who recently competed in the renowned Reedley High School volleyball program, Ariana brings a wealth of potential and a passion for the sport. Her addition to the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH team marks an exciting development for Arianna and the team as they embark on a new season filled with promise and opportunity.


Ariana's decision to join NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH demonstrates her ambition to take her volleyball career to the next level. Known for their commitment to excellence, NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH is the perfect platform for Ariana to develop her skills further, gain invaluable experience, and compete at a higher level of play. Coach Maddy, teammates, and the entire NU Breed family are eager to welcome Ariana into the Tribe and help her hone her abilities as she embarks on this exciting new journey.

A Promising Future:

With Ariana Arteaga on board, NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH's future looks brighter than ever. Her presence will undoubtedly bolster the team's overall performance and create a new gameplay dynamic. As a freshman, she brings a fresh perspective and youthful energy that will invigorate the team's collective spirit. Ariana's dedication, discipline, and passion for the sport will undoubtedly set a positive example and inspire her teammates to strive for greatness.

Continued Growth and Development:

NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH is committed to the growth and development of its players, and Ariana will undoubtedly benefit from the team's supportive and nurturing environment. Coach Maddy and the entire NU Breed coaching staff force will work closely with Ariana to fine-tune her skills, refine her technique, and enhance her volleyball IQ. With their guidance and relentless pursuit of excellence, Ariana has the opportunity to reach new heights and achieve her full potential as a volleyball player.

A Warm Welcome to Arianna:

On behalf of NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH, we warmly welcome Ariana Arteaga. We are excited to have her join our team and are confident that her addition will contribute significantly to our collective success. Arianna's talent, determination, and commitment will undoubtedly make her a valuable asset on and off the court.

We look forward to witnessing her growth, achievements, and the positive impact she will have on our team.


Ariana Arteaga's arrival at NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH is a cause for celebration and anticipation. As a freshman who has already proven her mettle on the court, Ariana has the potential to become an integral part of the team's future success. With her arrival, NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH is gaining a talented player and a remarkable individual who embodies the spirit of dedication, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

We are NU breed, the rumor of something good.

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