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Join us at NU Breed Volleyball Tryouts, where every athlete finds their place, and every player cultivates their legend.

There's an electricity that charges the air of every volleyball court—a thrilling concoction of passion, precision, and the potential for greatness. The court is not a mere combination of lines and nets—it's a stage. It is a stage where athletes leap beyond their limits, split-second decisions culminate in heart-stopping plays, and the echo of a powerful spike becomes the anthem of determination.

If your heart races at the thought of a thrilling set, if you're ready to soar higher and dig deeper, then it's your time to step onto the court and claim your spot at the upcoming NU Breed Volleyball Tryouts. Mark your calendars for August 4, 2024, and go to Lindsay High School—the training ground where your volleyball dream will take flight.

Why Choose NU Breed?

At NU Breed, it's not just about honing your skills—it's about igniting an enthusiasm for volleyball that resonates through every serve and volley. Our seasoned coaches are more than just experts; they are ardent communicators and educators vested in your athlete's growth on and off the court. They bring passion, experience, and a track record of excellence that transforms raw talent into formidable prowess.

Tailored Teams for Peak Development

No matter your athlete's level of play, NU Breed is a fit for them. Our diverse teams cater to all ages and skill sets:

- VTots Minor (5 -7 YRS) crafts the foundational skills in our youngest athletes, embedding the love for the game early on.

- 10U to 18U Local teams offer rigorous training and local play for those poised to develop their game.

- 14U Semi-Travel introduces competitive play beyond the local scope, crafting athletes ready to take their game on the road.

- 16U and 18U Travel teams push boundaries by competing across regions and potentially the nation, sculpting players into college-ready premier athletes.

Each category is designed to meet your athletes where they’re at and elevate your game to the next level. We grow with them as they grow, and their success becomes the beating heart of our coaching philosophy.

State-of-the-Art Technology Meets Time-Honored Skill

Enlisting cutting-edge technology, NU Breed utilizes TeamGenius, a skill assessment platform that objectively analyzes your athlete's game knowledge and prowess. This innovative system reinforces our commitment to fairness and growth and ensures they're matched to the right team—one that will challenge you to leap higher and grow stronger.

TeamGenius generates a ranking that isn’t just a number; it's a pivotal tool assisting our coaches in placing your athletes on the best team for their growth. With this insightful assessment, you'll find your perfect volleyball family that fosters your athlete's improvement and encapsulates their sports aspirations.

Develop More than a Killer Serve—Build Confidence

At NU Breed, cultivating your athlete's volleyball abilities parallels self-growth. We understand that beyond every well-timed block, every strategic serve, and every calculated assist lies a building block of unshakeable confidence. Here, they don't just work on your bump set spike; they sculpt their endurance, grit, and self-belief.

How to Register?

Ready to be part of a transformative volleyball community? Embark upon your NU Breed journey and enrich your athlete's tapestry with memories and skills that will underscore their love for the game for years.

Registering for NU Breed Junior Girls Volleyball Tryouts is simple. Visit the website at []( and secure your spot. The opportunity to brandish your athlete's prowess is just a click away—now is the time to act.

Final Rally

August 4, 2024, isn't just another day—it's a watershed moment in your child's athletic trajectory. It's the day they can look back on with pride, the start of a refreshing chapter where they embraced the challenge and emerged as a force to be acknowledged on the volleyball court.

Lindsay High School's gym will be filled with anticipation and promise, where coaches await to witness the strength and passion of a new cadre of volleyball talents. Picture your child amidst the electrifying atmosphere as you showcase your skills and embark on an indomitable path of advancement.

So, parents and athletes, heed that call if your spirit is calling for a platform where fervor meets form, teaching surpasses traditional bounds, and your volleyball aspirations are nurtured. Join us at NU Breed Volleyball Tryouts, where every athlete finds their place, and every player cultivates their legend.

The court is ready; all it needs is you. Secure your future as a volleyball standout—**register for NU Breed Volleyball Tryouts today!**

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