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Join the NU BREED Movement: Support Layla's Journey with Every Spot Purchased.

Hello, Friends of the NU BREED community,

We are excited to tell you an inspiring story about Layla Valles, one of our athletes. An integral part of NU BREED, Layla has consistently proved her dedication and passion on and off the volleyball court. Today, we are thrilled to share her latest initiative - a unique fundraising event to assist with her club fees.

Introducing Layla's $100 gift card sale fundraiser! But here's the twist - Layla is selling $15 volleyball spots. These spots are not just a contribution towards a good cause but also a ticket to participate in an exciting raffle!

Once all the volleyball spots are sold, a raffle will be held, and one lucky supporter will receive a fantastic $100 gift card. It's a fun and engaging way to support Layla on her journey. You contribute to her cause and stand a chance to win a generous gift.

Now, let's talk about payments. Layla has included Venmo as a payment method to make this process as simple as possible for everyone. Don't have Venmo? No problem! Other forms of payment are also available, ensuring everyone can easily participate in this journey of support.

This fundraiser is more than just a financial support initiative. It's a testament to Layla's dedication and the strong bonds within the NU BREED community. Every spot purchased is a step towards reaching the goal and significantly contributing to Layla's NU BREED journey.

So, let's unite and support Layla in this endeavor! Let's buy those volleyball spots, enter the raffle, and make this fundraiser successful. Your participation truly makes a difference and strengthens the NU BREED community.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement. Stay tuned for updates on the raffle, and keep cheering for Layla and all our amazing NU BREED athletes.

Until our next update.

We are NU BREED, the rumor of something good.

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