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Join NU BREED Volleyball and Discover How our Unique Training Practices Cultivate Excellence.

As young athletes venture into the exciting world of competitive sports, they find themselves at a crossroads, deciding which avenue to pursue and where to cultivate their burgeoning talents. Volleyball, a game of precision, reflex, and teamwork, is an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic and fulfilling sport. But within the realm of this compelling game, a decision still lingers: which club to join? Today, I present a persuasive call to action, an invitation to become a part of something more than just a team – to join NU BREED Volleyball, a community where innovation meets tradition and where the principles of farming are ingeniously interwoven into the art of leadership and athletic development.

A profound truth is at the core of NU BREED Volleyball: we train differently. In a sporting landscape where high pressure and intense competition can often lead to harsh coaching methods, NU BREED stands as a beacon of an alternative approach. We think differently. We think like farmers. It may seem an unconventional comparison, but the parallels between agriculture and nurturing athletic prowess are remarkable.

"Leadership, much like farming, is about cultivating the right conditions for growth," says Coach Job, the visionary behind NU BREED's unique philosophy. As farmers carefully tend to their crops, our coaches foster an environment where each athlete can thrive. Focus, foresight, and intention – the trio of traits that guarantee the most abundant harvests – are the same qualities that shape champions on our courts.

Consider the traditional farmer, who wakes with the sunrise and spends their days nurturing their land and crops. They do not curse at their seeds for not sprouting overnight; they understand that growth takes time, patience, and the right conditions. This patience is mirrored in our approach. At NU BREED Volleyball, we don't yell at our athletes. We don't cast blame when progress seems slow. NU Breed coaches recognize potential. We understand that every player, like every crop, matures at their own pace and in their own time.

The secret to a great harvest, whether in the field or on the court, is selecting the right plants for the soil. "We choose the best plants for the ground they're meant to grow in," Operations Manager Janá Lara says. Just as crop selection is critical to farming success, so is recognizing each player's inherent strengths and talents and positioning them where they can flourish to their greatest potential. We choose the premier Coach and matching team for optimum growth.

Irrigation and fertilization are to crops what training and nurturing are to an athlete. At NU BREED, we don't just offer drills; we provide the means for each player to stretch their limits and reach for nutrients that feed their skill and passion for the game. Through rigorous yet mindful coaching, we ensure everyone under our wing receives the attention necessary for growth.

In the garden of sportsmanship, weeds are the vices that can choke a player's ability—lack of discipline, negativity, and fear of failure. We diligently pledge to remove these impedances from the paths of our athletes. We are not merely a team but a greenhouse where positivity, commitment, and resilience are the bedrock of our foundation.

"We remember we have good seasons and bad seasons – we can't control the weather; we can only prepare for it," echoes a wisdom-laden sentiment from Coach Nayeli. In volleyball, as in farming, there are variables beyond our control. Yet, it is within our power to train, anticipate, and weatherproof our spirit and our game against possible adversities.

As we edge closer to the junior boys' tryouts on July 6, 2024, and the junior girls' tryouts on August 4, 2024, it is imperative to consider what you seek in a volleyball club. NU BREED Volleyball is more than a place to play; it is a crucible for honing leadership qualities that resonate far beyond the court's boundaries. It's about becoming part of a legacy — one that you help create and grow, just as a farmer tends to a field from barren to bountiful.

I urge you to take the pivotal step to invest in your athletic and personal growth. Visit to register and lay the cornerstone for a prosperous future with triumph – both in volleyball and life. At NU BREED Volleyball, you are not just joining a team; you are planting yourself in a nurturing community that thinks differently, trains differently, and, ultimately, wins differently. Join us, and let's harvest greatness together.

Train differently, NU Breed Volleyball.

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