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Dear NU Breed Family,

I hope this message finds you well. I am informing you that the NU BREED Volleyball offers have been sent, and we kindly request you to check your emails for further instructions. We are thrilled to take this opportunity to welcome you to our growing NU BREED Volleyball family!

To begin the process of joining NU BREED Volleyball, we would like you to complete the digital forms attached to the email you received and submit them at your earliest convenience. Please note that you will receive a copy of the signed documents for your records upon successful submission. We hope this gives you peace of mind and transparency throughout the registration process.

To facilitate your journey with us, we have included essential links to the commitment letter and medical forms from the Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) for travel teams. These forms are crucial, as the SCVA requires them for all participating athletes. Please carefully review, fill out, and submit these forms alongside the NU BREED Volleyball registration forms. Not all of these apply to each athlete, so if you do not find them in your email, you are fine.

Please be informed that the link to our NU BREED documents will only be live for a limited time for security purposes. Therefore, please complete and submit the forms promptly to avoid any inconvenience.

Moreover, the roster spot offer we are extending is valid only until the team roster is full. As soon as the roster spot is filled, we cannot hold it for you. However, we assure you that we will offer you an alternative roster spot of a similar ranking in such cases.

Once you decide to accept the roster spot, we kindly request you submit the form promptly. It is crucial to note that NU BREED Volleyball does not hold roster spots, so to secure your place in our family, we recommend acting swiftly.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact Janá at (562) 413-5695 or Janá is more than happy to provide any assistance needed and address any queries you may have.

We cannot express enough our excitement about the upcoming club season and the opportunity to have you join our NU BREED Volleyball family. Our program fosters growth, sportsmanship, and excellence on and off the court. We are confident that we can achieve great things together and create lifelong memories.

Thank you for considering NU BREED Volleyball for your athletic journey. We eagerly await your positive response and look forward to welcoming you with open arms.

I wish you the best of G-d's desire for you and success in all your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Coach Job Lara


NU BREED Volleyball

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