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The NU BREED VOLLEYBALL teams recently participated in the JVA Heat Volleyball League in Fresno, and the tournament was a showcase of both success and valuable learning experiences. Coaches Brandy, Jessica, Kathy, and Stephanie led their teams to identical 2-1 records, highlighting our program's strength and competitive spirit. Their leadership and guidance were instrumental in the team's impressive court performance.

The teams' 2-1 marks reflect their commitment to excellence and ability to compete at a high level. The players' dedication to the sport and their hard work in practice paid off, as they fought hard and secured victories against their opponents. These achievements are a testament to the talent and determination of our athletes, as well as the coaches' ability to develop their skills and strategy.

In addition to the favorable records, our NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-Reedley team made their inaugural tournament appearance. Despite facing a tough challenge, the team remained competitive and displayed commendable effort throughout the tournament. Their 0-3 record does not fully capture the team's resilience and potential, as they gained valuable experience and showed great promise for the future.

Furthermore, our travel teams, Job/Naya 16s, and 18s participated in the SCVA League #2 and ended with 1-2 records. These events served as valuable learning experiences, providing the teams with opportunities to refine their skills and strategies against solid competition. The resilience and determination displayed by these teams are commendable, and they have laid a solid foundation for future growth and success.

Overall, the tournament play for our NU BREED VOLLEYBALL teams was a mix of triumphs and learning opportunities. The coaches, players, and supporters should all be proud of the accomplishments and growth demonstrated throughout the events. These experiences will undoubtedly serve as a foundation for future success, and we look forward to seeing the continued development and achievements of our NU BREED VOLLEYBALL program.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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