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Heat League Update 3/25-26/23

The details Fresno Heat tournament for this weekend are as follows.

This email is the information Martina, Heat League Director, sent. It has the details for this week's play.


Hi Everyone, League #3 for High School Ages this weekend. AES should be live tomorrow, and rooms reservation for Heat will be on Wednesday.

Ranking here:

Saturday, March 25th, U 17/18 division at Heat facility (5 courts), 8 AM

Gold Division 6 teams & Silver division 9 teams

Sunday, March 26th, U 15/16 division, 8 AM

Gold division 12 teams at Clovis East (west gym 3 courts)

Silver division 12 teams at Reyburn middle school (3 courts)

Bronze division 14 teams at Heat facility (5 courts)

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have any issues with parents on the court arguing with you during referring, please look out for our site director, and he/she will handle the situation for you.

I will send each club's Directors a list of our directors/cell numbers and their locations before the weekend.

Please feel free to contact me if issues arise that need my attention.



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