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Heat League April 16-16, 2023

Martina, JVA Heat League Director, sent the information below for the play scheduled for April 15-16, 2023.


Dear valley league directors and coaches, league #4 is scheduled for April 15&16th weekend.

-half day, only three games per team (DO not know the location yet)

Saturday:3 locations (Heat Clovis High and Clovis East)

April 15th is U 17/18 PM wave

April 15th is U 13/14 AM and PM waves

Sunday :3 locations (Heat, Clovis High and Clovis East)

April 16th is U12 AM wave

April 16th is U15/16 PM wave

The schedule could have been smoother. We had two no-show teams during League #3 without notifying us, and it created a delay in the morning. We will charge the club fee of $200 if they do not tell us 12 hours before not attending.

Please reply to this email if you have any coaches coaching multiple age divisions on the same day, and we will try our best to make it smooth and possible to coach those teams.

Please review the seeding for Leuage #4 and ensure you do not see any errors there, as we want to fix these errors before sending the request for the schedule to AES.

click Ranking.

Thank you, everyone, have a great spring break and EASTER.

We appreciate you all.


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