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Exclusive Training With Former Univ. of Arizona Coach: A Unique Privilege for NU Breed Athletes.

In volleyball, few opportunities compare to training sessions with game legends. For NU BREED athletes Melody Gonzalez and Sophia Colunga, attending a private training session with former University of Arizona coach Rubio was a unique privilege. This exceptional opportunity unfolded on a Friday night, marking a significant milestone in their careers.

As part of the Dinamite Volleyball Club initiative, Coach Rubio, whose reputation precedes him, hosted a phenomenal volleyball clinic. With years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the sport, Coach Rubio is renowned for his ability to teach and refine each skill masterfully.

Following the exclusive training on Friday night, Saturday turned out to be an equally enriching day. The clinic schedule featured three sessions focusing on attacking, defense, blocking, and setting. Abby Asuncion, another promising player from NU BREED, had the honor of attending the setting and defense session. Each session was meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the game.

The attacking session was a high-energy drill, emphasizing the importance of accuracy, power, and timing. It was followed by an intensive practice of blocking, a critical game component that requires mental sharpness and physical agility. The third session focussed on defense and setting, where the athletes learned about positioning, reflexes, and the art of anticipation.

The clinic was not merely a series of drills and practice sessions. It was an opportunity for these athletes to learn from a game master. Coach Rubio's experience and enthusiasm were infectious, inspiring the athletes to push their boundaries and strive for excellence.

The weekend was more than an opportunity; it was a testament to the talent and potential of Gonzalez, Colunga, and Asuncion. Their selection for this private training speaks volumes about their dedication to the sport and potential for future success. It also represents NU BREED's commitment to nurturing and developing world-class athletes.

In conclusion, the training sessions with Coach Rubio were a fantastic opportunity for these NU BREED athletes to improve their volleyball skills and gain valuable insights from a seasoned coach. This experience will undoubtedly play a significant role in their journey towards becoming top-tier volleyball athletes. Such initiatives by clubs like Dinamite Volleyball Club are instrumental in promoting the sport and providing young talent with the exposure they need to excel.

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