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Exciting Evaluation Process To Help Athletes Grow

We wanted to share how NU Breed coaches executed the athlete evaluation process for our NU BREED Athletes.

We took steps to ensure each athlete received a fair and objective evaluation. Firstly, each athlete was evaluated privately by three to four coaches. None of the coaches could see each other's scores or the tryout scores, which helped to maintain objectivity in the scoring.

During the evaluation process, each athlete was evaluated on their athleticism, passing, setting, attacking, serving, court IQ, effort, and athleticism. These are all essential basic skills in volleyball, and we wanted to ensure we could assess each athlete's abilities in these areas.

After completing the coaches' rankings, they were sent to the TeamSnap hub. TeamSnap generates a report for each athlete, summarizing their scores and progress. This information will help us provide more targeted feedback and training to each athlete based on their needs.

We take the athlete evaluation process seriously and are committed to helping each athlete reach their full potential. This objective evaluation process will help us achieve our goals and provide the best possible experience for everyone on our team.

We appreciate each athlete's hard work and dedication during the evaluation process. We are excited to see what the future holds for you.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

Disclaimer: In evaluating an athlete's skill review, there may be minor errors that could occur due to factors such as human error, limitations in the assessment tools, or individual subjectivity. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge that the results of an athlete's skill review should be considered a general indication of their abilities and not a definitive measure. As with any evaluation or assessment, the findings should be interpreted cautiously and contextualized with other relevant information.

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