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Embracing Your High School Volleyball Season: A Lesson in Preparedness, Humility, and Gratitude.

As the sun dips lower and shadows stretch across freshly mowed grass, the unmistakable symphony of high school sports fills the air: whistles chirping, sneakers squeaking, and, in the gymnasium, the rhythmic thump of volleyballs being spiked with precision. You have prepared long and arduously during your club season with NU BREED, honing your skills and techniques, and now you stand on the threshold of your high school volleyball season. The jitters of anticipation are natural, yet as you approach this pivotal time, let it be with a mindset chiseled by confidence and humility—a flawless combination.

Confidence is your armor, forged in countless hours of drills and matches with NU BREED. The wind beneath your powerful serves, and the reassurance in your heart tells you you are ready. Yet, even as this confidence courses through you, recognize the wisdom of staying humble before your high school coach. Embrace the nuances of their teaching because though their strategies and methods may differ from your club experience, they are not wrong; they are simply another facet of the volleyball complex gem. Each twist in technique, every adjustment in approach, enriches you as a player.

Let us talk about the spirit with which you engage in your high school volleyball season. There is an art to stepping into the gym with gratitude. Remember, not everyone gets the opportunity to leap, dive, and serve—to play this incredible sport and bear their school's name across their chest. Feel the honor swell within you, and let this fuel your determination to give back to the game that has given you so much. Embrace gratitude not as a mere concept but as the beat of your athlete's heart.

It is essential to make it your mission to contribute positive energy rather than a presence that drains the spirit of your teammates. Practices will test you, games will push you to your limits, and there will be occasions when defeat looms heavily. During such times, be the teammate who lifts the morale, the kindling that reignites the flickering flame of team spirit. Your positive energy is infectious; let it cascade from you to all those who share the court with you.

To be intentional about being a great teammate is also to recognize the importance of balance. Keeping your grades in a healthy order is paramount. The discipline you exhibit on the court should mirror the focus you bring to your studies. Scholar-athletes shine brightest when their determination transcends the sport and reflects in their academic achievements. Ensure that your pursuit of volleyball excellence meets your quest for knowledge and education.

Parents, your role in this journey must be emphasized. While most high school practices are closed, preventing you from attending, view this as a positive. Closed practices create a sanctuary where athletes can bond with their coaches and teammates, forging the unity and trust needed for triumph. This is their time to grow, to clash and reconcile, to lead and follow, and to transform into a cohesive unit without the pressure of an audience. Trust in the process and your athlete's capacity to engage in this sacred space of development and camaraderie.

Furthermore, be aware that, unlike club teams, school teams are a melting pot of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors—each vying for their place and yearning for playing time. This medley of grade levels adds a wonderful competitive element, challenging your athlete to push beyond boundaries, learn from those more experienced, and guide those less so. These dynamics teach invaluable lessons beyond volleyball, imparting wisdom about teamwork, leadership, and the delicate balance of competition and support.

Moreover, understand that the school environment has its own policies and CIF regulations, which are beyond coaches' control and must be respected. These guidelines ensure fairness and safety for all, maintaining an environment conducive to athletic and academic prosperity.

In conclusion, as you gear up for your high school volleyball season, carry the teachings of preparation, humility, and gratitude. Adorn yourself in the confidence earned through your toils with NU BREED, and draw upon the lessons of your high school coaches. Contribute positively, keep your academic and athletic lives in harmony, and above all, play with the pride and joy of representing your school in the sport you love. This season is more than just matches won; it's about the memories created, the character forged, and the legacy you leave behind as a player who played with passion and lived with purpose. Now, set that court ablaze with the fire of your dedication.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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