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In sports, perfection is often seen as the ultimate goal. Athletes strive for flawless performances, meticulously honing their skills and tirelessly working towards an ideal image of success. However, a remarkable group challenges this notion, embodying a refreshing approach to training. Enter NU BREED, an exceptional club that champions the ART OF IMPERFECTION in its journey toward greatness. In this blog, we will reveal NU BREED's unique philosophy, highlighting the strength and beauty of embracing imperfection in its training process.

Embracing Growth:

NU BREED understands that training is not solely about attaining perfection but rather a continuous process of growth and development. We view each hurdle, setback, and mistake as an opportunity for athletes to learn and improve, ensuring they constantly push their boundaries. By embracing imperfections, a safe space is created for experimentation, allowing their skills to evolve organically and authentically. NU BREED understands that actual growth lies in embracing and learning from imperfections instead while striving for unattainable perfection.

Building Resilience:

The ART OF IMPERFECTION goes hand in hand with building resilience. NU BREED recognizes that setbacks are an inevitable part of any training journey. Instead of being discouraged by failures, we teach athletes to view them as stepping stones toward success. By embracing imperfections, NU BREED fosters a resilience that fuels their determination to push harder, work smarter, and conquer their limitations. NU BREED understands that success is not guaranteed, but the athlete's resilience in the face of imperfections propels them forward, making them unstoppable.

Unleashing Creativity:

NU BREED believes that true greatness lies in thinking outside the box to break free from conventional norms. Embracing imperfections fuels their creativity on and off the court. We encourage athletes to explore uncharted territory, experiment with new techniques, and think beyond traditional training methods' boundaries. By embracing imperfection, NU BREED unleashes a phenomenal level of creativity that sets them apart, allowing them to showcase their unique talents and strategies.

Fostering Unity:

In the ART OF IMPERFECTION, NU BREED finds unity. They understand that no individual is perfect, and it is through their imperfections that they form an unbreakable bond. NU BREED cultivates an environment where players uplift and inspire one another by encouraging support, empathy, and collaboration within their team. Through their shared experiences of imperfection, they build a strong foundation of trust and unity that allows them to thrive.


NU BREED, a club that champions the ART OF IMPERFECTION, showcases a remarkable approach to training in volleyball. By embracing imperfections, they uncover hidden strengths, foster resilience, nurture creativity, and cultivate a spirit of unity within their athletes. This distinct philosophy is a powerful reminder that success does not solely lie in perfection but rather in the journey of growth, embracing imperfections, and celebrating each individual's unique journey. NU BREED proves that true champions dare to view imperfections as opportunities for greatness.

Join NU Breed in this distinct approach to training in the Art of Imperfection at the NU Breed Tryouts on July 29 and July 30, 2023.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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