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Athletes often get caught up in their world of training, practicing, and competing. They obsess over performance and team success, often forgetting about the people who made it all possible - their mothers.

At the 12U JVA Heat League Championship, we took a moment to honor our mothers and acknowledge their contributions to their athlete's volleyball journey. And it's not just about the sacrifices they made so that they can play; it's also about the emotional support and encouragement they give their daughters through all the triumphs and failures.

As a member of the NU BREED family, I can say with certainty that we have the best mothers out there. They're the ones who show up to every game, cheering us on through every point, no matter the outcome. They celebrate our wins with us, console us during our losses, and constantly remind us that we're capable of greatness.

But it's not just about showing up on game day; NU Breed mothers do so much more than that. They sacrifice their time, their energy, and their interests so that athletes can pursue their athletic ambitions. They shuttle athletes to and from practice, sit through long tournaments on uncomfortable bleachers, and provide athletes with the necessary gear and equipment to succeed.

Above all, NU BREED mothers are our pillars of strength. They offer a shoulder to cry on when players feel overwhelmed with the pressures of competition and a listening ear to vent frustrations. They remind players of their worth and never let them forget that their performance on the court does not define them as people.

Watching a video of the 12U at the JVA Heat League Championship, holding flowers to give to their mothers, I felt gratitude drench me. It was an emotional moment, realizing that we don't say thank you to our mothers enough for everything that they do. That's why this moment is so significant.

So, to all the NU BREED mothers out there, Thank you. We hope you enjoyed a Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for showing us what unconditional love and support look like, being our 12U biggest fans, and all the sacrifices you've made so your daughter can chase her athletic dreams. They wouldn't be where they are today without you, and they will always be grateful for everything you do for them.

We must also acknowledge the fathers who contributed to making this moment special by buying the flowers that their daughters delivered to their mothers before hitting the court for tournament play.

We appreciate Janá's exceptional planning skills, which made her an invaluable asset in facilitating the Fathers' desire to celebrate their wives on Mother's Day and making space to honor and show appreciation for the wonderful mothers in the athletes' lives with ease and grace.

Some husbands chose other special locations, times, and celebrations to honor their wives. Men, well done!

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

PC: Janá

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