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A Window Just Emilees' Size

Once upon a time, a young and vibrant girl named Emilee lived in a small town. Emilee had shown natural talent in various sports from a very young age. Her parents, Lindsay and Mark, recognized her potential and realized that there was a small window of athleticism that they could exploit to give their daughter a brighter future.

Driven by their love for Emilee and the dream of seeing her succeed, Lindsay and Mark researched different volleyball programs and found NU BREED VOLLEYBALL. It was renowned for its exceptional coaching staff and highly competitive training program. Knowing this could be the opportunity they were searching for, they wasted no time and promptly registered Emilee.

Emilee stepped into the NU BREED practice and knew she was in for a challenge. Surrounded by other aspiring athletes, she felt excitement and nerves coursing through her veins. The head coach, Coach Solei, immediately recognized Emilee's potential and paired her with a dedicated mentor, Coach Luna, to guide her through the rigorous training.

Under the guidance of Coach Solei, Emilee transformed both physically and mentally. She practiced tirelessly, honing her skills and pushing her limits. Every day after school, Emilee would rush to the gym, changing into her athletic gear, ready to soak up every knowledge imparted.

Time passed, and Emilee's dedication paid off. She began to shine on the volleyball court, catching the attention of Coach Solei. He saw in Emilee the potential to become one of the best players in the program, and with her parent's consent, he decided to push her even further by selecting her for the elite team.

Joining the elite team was a turning point in Emilee's life. She experienced an entirely new level of intensity and competition. The days became more prolonged and the training sessions more grueling, but Emilee's passion for the sport grew fiercer. She learned the value of sacrifice, discipline, and teamwork.

As time flew by, Emilee's skills skyrocketed. She became an integral part of the team, leading them to victory in many tournaments. College scouts began noticing her extraordinary talent, and scholarship offers started flowing in. Emilee's parents, who had once merely dreamed of a better future for their daughter, now saw it as an imminent reality.

Finally, the day came when Emilee received an offer from a prestigious university. With joy in her heart and gratitude towards her parents for their unwavering support, she accepted the scholarship, knowing that this culminated in her hard work and dedication.

On her high school graduation day, Emilee proudly wore her cap and gown, her parents beaming with pride in the crowd. As she stood on the podium, accepting her diploma, she couldn't help but reflect on the past few years. It was crystal clear to her that none of this would have been possible without NU BREED VOLLEYBALL and the small window of athleticism that her parents recognized and seized.

As Emilee embarked on her college volleyball career, she remembered the countless hours spent in the gym, her mentors' support, and her parents' unwavering love. This fictitious story is not only of the young athlete who leveraged the small window but for all the aspiring athletes whose dreams were ignited by the power of opportunity and determination.

Could this be your athlete story? Let's find out by registering for NU Breed Tryouts on July 29 and July 30, 2023. Go to to register today.

Take advantage of this opportunity to seize the Window of Athleticism for your young athlete.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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