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A Smash Hit Season: Reflecting on the End of Club Volleyball and Celebrating with a Fiesta Gathering

As the club season ends, we couldn't be more thrilled with how our 14's teams finished their last set of matches. The collective effort put forth by our young, aspiring athletes has resulted in impressive play and growth on the court.

Sam 14's team finished with season-high wins, winning three of six matches. Their solid play and teamwork were evident, and we look forward to seeing where the future takes them.

Despite falling short of the medal round, Coach Gaby's team showed vast improvement throughout her tenure as coach. The players gave it their all, playing well and never giving up despite the setbacks they encountered during the season.

Coach Michael's team is no exception when showcasing improved play and confidence on the court. They also started their championship series with an impressive 2-1 record.

The athlete's growth and development over the season were remarkable to watch, and each has become a thunderous power that demands respect.

However, the most remarkable part of this club season was the bonds forged between the players and coaches. Teams worked together, supported each other, pushed each other to be their best, and, most importantly, made new friends.

The triumphs on the court were achieved through hard work, dedication, and a genuine love for the volleyball game. The young athletes showed incredible growth, not just in their skills but in their character and determination. We have watched them develop as players, teammates, and individuals, and their progress is genuinely inspiring.

We're excited to celebrate the end of the season with a Fiesta gathering at Shiloh Ranch Friday, May 12, 2023. The feast starts at 6 PM. It's a time to reflect on the growth and memories made during the season. We'll cherish the friendships formed, the lessons learned, bonds created that extend beyond the volleyball court.

In conclusion, we're immensely proud of our 14's teams and their impressive play and growth this season. Despite facing challenges, the teams demonstrated resilience and teamwork, which made all the difference.

We're excited to watch these young athletes continue to develop and flourish in their future pursuits, both on and off the volleyball court!

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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