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Can the stroke of a paintbrush aid in realizing an athlete's dreams? On November 19, 3 PM, in China's Alley Mexican Restaurant in Lindsay, California, you are invited to 'Carnival Of Colors; Fun Paint Night,' an unconventional fundraiser to help deserving volleyball athletes. For a mere $40 a ticket, partake in a Carnival of Colors while also supporting the dreams of budding athletes.

This charitable night isn't merely your usual fundraiser; it's a fusion of art and athleticism, where creativity shines on the canvas and contributes to the future of young champions. What's more, you get to decide who you want to support. At checkout, you generously donate $15 of your $40 ticket towards the club fees of the athlete of your choice. By doing so, you are not merely contributing to a cause but are directly involved in turning dreams into realities. Support your favorite athlete today at

While adults revel in the night's delight, we include children, too. A $10.00 Fun Night package designed especially for youngsters aged ten and under allows them to engage in this vibrant event, though funds from these packages can't be credited to athletes. Still, it presents an opportunity to engage them in community service early, helping to develop their sense of empathy and generosity.

The athletes needing your support are not merely the beneficiaries of this fun-filled event, but they are bright, determined young individuals committed to their dreams. Instill a sense of faith in their talents, creating an ambiance of strength and solidarity by sponsoring NU Breed Athletes.

Every ticket you purchase every stroke you paint, translates into a building block of these cutting-edge sports dreamers' careers. Challenges fill the road of their dreams, but we, as a community, can join forces to alleviate some of these burdens. We have a chance to level the playing field for these hardworking aspiring athletes, sharing in the responsibility and excitement of their journey.

The Carnival of Colors is more than a fundraiser; it's a journey into the heart of our community. By contributing, not only do you get to enjoy a spectacular night of painting, but you also garner the satisfaction of knowing you've helped an aspiring athlete move a step closer to achieving their dreams. This 'Carnival of Colors; Fun Paint Night' is a chance to unleash your creativity for a cause, and it's one opportunity to notice.

The paint night is your chance to paint a hearty picture reflective of the love and support we have for sports and the young athletes who bring this passion to life. Your contribution is not just to their development as athletes, but rather, your commitment is to their evolution as individuals, their dreams, and their aspirations. The Carnival of Colors Paint Night is an invitation to connect, contribute, and color the dreams of these deserving athletes. We hope to see you on November 19, 2023, at 3 PM in China's Alley, Lindsay, California.

Thank you for supporting the volleyball dream, and thank you for painting a brighter future for these aspiring athletes.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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