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The 12U NU BREED Volleyball teams have wrapped up their fantastic season with a bang! We're thrilled to report that our teams performed outstandingly, and we couldn't be prouder of everyone's hard work, dedication, and team spirit. Let's take a look at the accomplishments of all three teams.

First, we have 12U Jazmin and Coach Ana's teams, who finished in the Gold Division at the season's end. We couldn't be more proud of their impressive performance, resulting from all their hard work throughout the season. They gave it their all, and we can't wait to see what's next for these talented athletes.

12U Ana stepped up to the challenge! They started in the Aqua division and made significant strides to secure their spot in the Gold Division. The team's fighting spirit, dedication, and resilience helped them succeed throughout the season.

Then we have 12U Kaylee, who made remarkable progress throughout the year. They vastly improved as a team as athletes and played their hearts out on the court all season long. They wrapped up the Heat Championship on Day 1 with an impressive 2-1 record and finished the season strong with a performance that left us in awe.

Last but not least, we have to mention 12U Jazmin's ranking! 12U Jazmin earned a place in history through their unwavering commitment, unbreakable bond, and unrelenting drive to succeed. They battled hard throughout the season and held the coveted number-one spot in the Gold division for quite some time. Every team they played brought their best A-game, and even when they came up short against a formidable opponent, they showed great sportsmanship and heart. They now prepare to play in Southern California's SCVA So Cal Championship. We are excited about this incredible experience.

Overall, this season was a fantastic success for our 12U NU BREED Volleyball teams. We're so proud to work to build such an outstanding organization and cannot wait to see what next season holds! We celebrate their incredible achievements and look forward to a bright future with talented athletes and dedicated coaches.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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