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You Don't Throw A life Away

In the movie Seabiscuit, an old trainer speaks these incredible words; "You don't throw a whole life away because it's a little banged up."  The movie is about an injured horse saved from being put down to have a fantastic career as a racehorse.

This quote frames our discussion this week. We talk about an incident where a young man tackles a referee after being ejected from a game.

This event is being debated with some harsh comments toward this young athlete. Coach Hines brings a unique perspective that you will want to hear.

The conversation I had with Coach Hines on our Match Point Podcast will be available to listen to this week.

He has some fascinating insight and words of wisdom that will help coaches, parents, and athletes alike.

Coach Hines is a successful football coach, motivational speaker, and man of faith.

Watch for the Match Point Podcast Update.

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