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Wright Brothers, BIG DREAMS, Limited Resources

Recently I was talking to our accountant and auditors, and they asked about NU Breed Volleyball and how things were going. In a casual talk, they asked what is NU Breed Volleyball assets when we started the club.

I mentioned the nets I found in the trash and broken cart parts we made into a useable one. They smiled as I told them how we had to air our volleyballs before each practice.

Our conversation turned to how tight our budget was, but honor our commitments on time. One person said, "have you thought about increasing your membership fees?"

"No," I said. It goes against why we exist. Tears filled my eyes. "NU breed exists for those with BIG DREAMS and little resources. NU Breed exists for people who don't feel they have what they need financially, mentally, and skills," I said. 

I explained that we are practicing in my backyard and at a park because we cannot practice inside. It's destroying our indoor volleyball, but we can practice, and that's what matters.

I wasn't willing to wait until we had everything we wanted to practice and help athletes get better. I thought, what kind of punk would I be to Sunni when she fights a daily health issue. I wasn't willing to punk out on athletes who drive a distance to get better?

"You see," I said, "the Wright Brothers built their first airplane in a bicycle shop. They had no funding, no manufacturer, and no degree, but that didn't stop them from making the first airplane."

At NU Breed, we may not have all we want, but we got people with BIG DREAMS, a strong work ethic, and a warm sweatshirt.

The miracle of NU Breed isn't getting what we don't have but doing a lot with what we have.

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