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Workout 8/24/20

Bodyweight Workouts

Do each movement for 40 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. Rest 2 minutes between circuits. Repeat 8X

Circuit 1

Push-ups/kneeling push-ups

Total Body Extension

In-n-out Squats (stay in lower position during the movement).

Total Body Extension

Pushups/kneeling push-ups

Core- every day

MT climbers

Flutter kicks

Plank Alternating Leg Lifts

Reverse Crunch

Circuit 2

Jumping Jacks

1-leg Hip Extension (L)

Cross-body MT Climber

1-Leg Hip Extension (R)

Drop Squats

2-Leg Hip Extension

-hold for 30 seconds at the top.

Deep Squats (hips to the ground)

Circuit 3

Split squats (R)

Split Squat (L)

Speed Squats

Reverse Lunges

Squat Pulses

Speed Squats

Circuit 4

Jumping Jacks

Leaning Side Lunges

Curtsy Squats (L/R)

Butterfly Crunch

Tuck Jumps

Circuit 5

Bench dips

Plank Shoulder Taps

Flutter Kicks

Planks jacks

Kick Throughs

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