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Winning Versus Success

There is a difference between winning and success. At NU Breed, we want to teach athletes the difference between the two. It will be a life skill that will be helpful in their post-NU Breed years.

Winning focuses on the result, while success concentrates on who you are. When winning is the end game, we will suffer needlessly. Our life becomes subject to fear, stress, and anxiety. When our happiness is tied to something beyond our control, it reduces the quality of life.

However, success focuses on living in alignment with our values without being connected to our actions' outcomes.

We elevate our life quality when we focus on living by our values by 

not connected to the outcome. Values are like the north star that guides us to our best selves.

A success mindset guards against a roller coaster of unhealthy emotions, leading to fear of failure and negative self-talk. It helps create a learning mindset and patience in our growth.

Both winning and success is essential. We must have both in life, but we must know that difference because nothing beats living at peace with yourself.

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