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WIN An $875.00 Eagle Mountain Casino Gift Package

As our state returns to more routine, people will be looking to have some fun; what better way to have fun than go to Eagle Mountain Casino for a small gift of $10.00. Share this post with everyone and be a voice of hope and joy.

I know people are hungry to get out and enjoy themselves. This gift package is perfect for them.

We are grateful for the Tule River Tribes' generosity, who donated a gift package valued at $875.oo from the Eagle Mountain Casino.

The package includes:

  • Dinner for four at the River Steakhouse ($225)

  • 4- $100.oo Bonus cash ($400.00 Value)

  • 4 - $50.00 Chips ($200.00 value)

  • $50.00 Gift Shop Certificate

  • Extra goodies in the gift basket

Total Value: $875.00.

Someone can WIN this incredible gift package and support a NU Breed athlete by name at checkout. The tickets are $10.00 each and can be purchased exclusively at

Think about how happy you will make someone you tell and wins this package of fun. You will be someone's friend of the year. More importantly, you will help someone created a better future.

Thank you, Ralene Clower and Janá, for making helping make this fundraising opportunity possible.

Let's dig a well.

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