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WIN - $400 Training With A Pro!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The fans and teammates are mauling you with love because you made a phenomenal play that won your League Championship. Cell phones dance in the air capturing this magic moment. You were unstoppable and felt in the "zone." the entire match. The reporter attempts to interview you among the fun chaos. She asks you how you feel having played the best game of your life. She comments that you were a step ahead of your opponents, and you seemed to get stronger as the match progressed. Time stops, and you think back to how it all started. You smile, grateful to have won the 60-day training program with seasoned AVP Pro, Mark Burik. It was so easy to position yourself to win a plan with proven results. What a dream!

Here is the good news, you can make that dream a reality. WIN a ready-made 60-day training program designed by a professional delivered to you. To train with Mark would easily be $400, but you can get his results proven training for FREE! Do the easy to follow and demonstrated volleyball specific conditioning to elevate your game. This program is designed by Mark to help athletes, like you, reach their full potential. You will have full access completely FREE.

It's an easy two-step process to win.

1. Go to the NU Breed website ( and subscribe (it's free). If you already a subscribed member, leave us your name and this message, "In it to win it." Go to the bottom of the home page to subscribe. You can email us by clicking the "contact us" box.

2. Post two videos and tag us (Instagram @nubreedvolleyball and @markburik) of you performing a workout by May 1.

FREE BONUS-Subscribe today and receive Mark Burik's Book, 36 Essential Drills For Beach Volleyball.

That's it! We will randomly pick a $400.00 GRAND PRIZE training winner.

Here's what's crazy, others can win an autographed t-shirt* from AVP Pro Beach Volleyball player, Mark Burik. We have some other gear too. Winning couldn't get any easier.

On May 2, we will post the winner on our website and social platforms. We will also have Mark announce the winner on our Match Point podcast on May 2.

Have fun with this, and we look forward to helping you grow your game.

Coach Job,

NU Breed Volleyball

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