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Who Are You? The Real Question

The practice was full of energy. The athletes were sweaty. There were outward signs of movement, but she felt an internal uneasiness. The question gnawed at her soul, "did we get better?"

Being active doesn't make you get better. Did you know you can attend practice and do the drills and get worse? There is an art to coaching.

Training without focussing on effort, attitude, and aggressiveness is training yourself to operate below your potential.

It can be frustrating and discouraging to both athletes and parents. They both will feel like it was a waste of time because they see no change.

Anybody can run a volleyball drill, but the art of coaching demands changes. A coach must teach athletes that each movement is a vote for the person they want to become.

A successful coach must be clear about the person they want to help shape. Habits and mindset shape the person an athlete becomes.

For example, your current bank account is a result of your spending habits. Your lifestyle is the result of your spending patterns. Your body is a result of your eating and training habits.

It's not one big decision that changes your life. Its a bunch of little tedious choices that, over time, change everything about you. The point of change is when you meet the most resistance, but you learn to push through.

Kylie, one of our athletes, told me her goal was to improve 1% every practice. That means in 100 practices; she will 100% better. To me, this means Kylie has no obligation to the person she was the last practice. Kylie is willing to embrace the habits to become the person she wants to become.

It is not what you do but who you want to become that makes all the difference. This is the Way of NU Breed Volleyball.

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