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Where The Magic Happens

Everyone has that moment in a workout. That moment when you are sure it is over, that you cannot finish, you cannot go on for even another second. There are five reps, seven reps, a dozen reps left, and you are positive you don't have even one left inside you.

This is the moment that matters!

This is where the magic happens!

If you stop now, you have not failed. You have done exactly as much as you thought you could, and you have probably gotten a good workout in the process.

But nothing has changed.

But what if you don't stop? What if you dig deep within yourself and push yourself to tears? Hearing the voice of your coach who is bending down beside you, whispering, "one more, just do one more. You can do this!" Listening to your self-talk echoing, "keep going, you got this!"

This is where the magic happens.

The reps don't matter. The weight doesn't matter. What matters is what you have found inside yourself; now that you have pushed yourself further than you thought you could go.

This is not about the gym. This is not about personal records or whether you improved from the last workout. This is about you and what happens at this moment that you can take with you to help you push through the times in your life when you think, "I can't."

There is no magic in the weight, in lifting barbells and putting them down, in swinging kettlebells, in push-ups, pull-ups, Turkish get-ups, or whatever kind of particular torture your coach has programmed for you. There is no magic in repetitious hitting. There is no magic in endless passing drills. There is no magic in performing blocking exercises until your legs are ready to divorce you for abuse.

The magic is inside of you, and it only comes out when you think there is nothing there at all. Dig deep. Find the magic and make it happen!

Dedicated to all the athletes that I have had the honor to write a magical story over the years. Your names are etched in my affections forever.

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