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When Life Gives You A Tree

Our Fathers' wisdom tells us the Creator never made a table Himself, but He created a tree. The Creator gives us a tree, and it's up to us to imagine what that tree can become.

When a parent will tell me about a great play their athlete did in a match I did not attend. They will say, "I wish you could have seen it." My thought is I saw it before it happens on the court. I saw them make this play and others in my mind many times.

At NU Breed, we push athletes hard. We see them make incredible plays in our minds before they make them on the court. Our imagination is our greatest asset at NU Breed Volleyball. The Creator didn't give us a volleyball player, but it's up to us to see what that player can become

When life gives us a problem or tree, it's up to us to imagine what we can create.

When life gives you a child, imagine what that child can become.

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