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What We Do Matters

You have a moral obligation to do things that matter. You're a node on a broader community—this community model rises in importance because of social platforms that connect you to millions of people.

What you do affects many others. It's like the ripple effect of tossing a stone in a pond and moves outward, impacting others.

What we do matters more than we know. Conversely, what we don't do matters too. For example, let's say you spend four hours a day on bad habits, watching youtube videos and other nonproductive activities, You do that daily in a month that would be 56 hours wasted monthly. Over a year, that's 2, 912 wasted hours. Let's say your time is valued at $20.00 per hour, in a year that losing $56,240. Do you want to misspend that much time equivalent money? What we do does matter.

My friend and fellow coach, Nabil Mardini, has a recycling program with his collegiate volleyball team. When players ask how that relates to volleyball, he explains that they join a family unit at birth. They then become part of a neighborhood, state, and of the entire world. Coach Nabil said that a player has to understand that they are connected to something bigger than the individual, and therefore they should be a good team member. Recycling is being a good team member and caring for Mother Earth. A good team member cares.

We have a moral obligation to improve our world and not cause more problems. It's about living the authentic you. When you do that, your relationships become stronger because others relate to the real you. Imagine how things would change for the better if we all took responsibility to live our highest self.

NU Breed Volleyball is a microcosm of how to live authentically to make our world a better place. We want to impress upon the athletes that they are in this world as a gift of kindness from God and what they do matters.

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