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What Now?

Volleyball Club season is over; what now?

The high school and Junior High programs will begin soon. How it will look is unknown, but I suspect somewhat normal.

We hope that our NU Breed athletes will join their school programs and take the work ethic and team-first mentality to their school teams.

Every coach trains in a manner they feel will make their school team successful, and we ask you to respect their system. You will enjoy playing if you adapt. Your school coach will appreciate it too.

Remember to be at practice. Be on time. Be productive. Your school coach and teammates will love you for doing these three things.

Above all, have a positive attitude. Be grateful that you get a chance to play the sport you love while representing your school. Enjoy playing in front of your peers, family, and friends.

Represent NU Breed well in word, attitude, and actions.

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