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We Dig Wells Of Gratitude

An ancient Chinese proverb says, "Those who drink the water must remember who dug the well."

In every area, our lives are made lighter through the efforts of others. Take a look around. Everything you see is a call for gratitude: The house you live in, the clothes you wear, your bed as well as your parents making the club a possibility for you. It costs them money and time because they want you to play and have fun. Someone dug the well, so to speak, to make the club experience available.

Others helped you too—grandparents, family, friends, and strangers who support you. You have an incredible amount of people who want to see you have fun and play club. A tribe of people who encouraged you along the way were digging the well, and they deserve your gratitude.

Then, our job is to remember those who put the well in its place, say thank you in person when we can, and to say thank you to God for bringing this person our way.

And our job goes just a step further.

We need to be digging wells of our own for the benefit of others. Our teammates, siblings, or people you will never meet. It's a simple step to ask ourselves throughout the day: Who, besides me, will benefit from what I am doing right now?

Our work involves digging wells that will echo for eternity. You're building something unique for people you don't even exist.

Let's dig wells in a spirit of gratitude — thankful for those we serve and grateful for those who have played a role in guiding us along the way.

This life is the Way of NU Breed. We dig wells.

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