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We Are At War!

We are at war, and you risk losing the life you had a few weeks ago. The training you do in the stay at home boot camp will directly affect your success. It's 3:00 AM as I write this because I see it as necessary. This article is to help others but part journal—my notes on how I decided to prepare for war and battles to follow. If you knew you were going to war in the next few weeks, how would your thinking and behavior change? What would be your focus? How would you spend your time? To have confidence in yourself, you would prioritize time and your activities. A good question to ask yourself is, "if this were the last day of training, would I do what I am about to do today?" To survive the war, you want to be in the best physical condition possible. You would want to be confident that you are physically up to the challenge. Your diet must be able to fuel the demands on your body. A stable mental mindset is essential. Do activities that build your confidence and trust in your abilities and skills to win heated battles. You would exercise discipline to hone your skill set to levels of perfection. You would implement visualization techniques to improve bio-mechanical movements. It is vital to be financially resourced to fund the war effort. Make fiscal decisions with a long-term thinking mentality. You don't know how long the war will last, and you don't want to be deficient in funds within a week of doing battle. What relationships would you strengthen? Building relationships will require creativity but a vital support system. Now is the time to explode! When everyone else is "shrinking-thinking," now is the time to grow. In battle, you want to expand your territory, improve your position, and win. Be courageous, go to war with yourself. Face your fears. Train hard for the next few weeks. Press forward and re-

calibrate if necessary. Do what matters and creates an impact. You are at war with this COVID-19 virus and days of uncertainty. You are at war. Prepare and live like it. It's 4:00 AM and time to run the hill. See you at the top.

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