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W.I.N Asia

So today, this happened. I was in private training, and it was intense. We worked on some passing technique and then transitioned to some serving.

We do it NU Breed style. Both can be grueling and demanding. You pass, and then you run to retrieve the volleyballs you passed within twenty-five seconds.

Asia was practicing her topspin and floater servers. She had to perform solid technique while hitting a designated target. One well-executed serve every two seconds, recover the balls and repeat.

She was doing well, and I was pleased. I heard her mumble something, and I asked what she had said.

And this is where the story gets interesting.

"Just this ball. Just this one ball, " she replied. She was doing her self-talk, reminding herself that the only ball that mattered was the ball in her hand.

Asia is learning to zero in on W.I.N, what's important now

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