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VolleyTots Win!!!!!!

VolleyTots win against a tough opponent last night! Last night at the VolleyTot practice, we scrimmaged against an incredible 16's team and beat them in the final point wins the competition.

The 16's were gracious in completion and knew that they were there to help make the VTots better, and they did. They coached the VTots even as they played. I am grateful for their help in building a competitive spirit in their club members. It creates skills that allow you to compete at the highest levels. Our club members are fantastic, and last night is proof.

Parents, you have some fantastic children. Thank you for the opportunity to help them grow their volleyball skills.

We have the best athletes, parents, and coaches as part of the NU Breed Tribe.

I will never stop telling everyone this truth. This journey is so much fun with you all.

Way to go, VTots, one of many wins in your life.

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