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Viva Las Vegas Update 1/5/21

Shannon DavenportMon, Jan 4, 3:10 PM (17 hours ago)

January 4th, 2021 Dear Club Directors, Officials, Coaches, and Athletes, Happy New Year to all of our SCVA families. All of us here at the SCVA hope that all of you had a safe and festive holiday season. As we are all returning from the holidays, there are many questions regarding the Las Vegas Classic. We are not able to answer all of the questions at this time, however we can share with you the current information. 1. The event is just about filled to capacity with only a few spots left. 2. Currently, Nevada is in a “Pause” the restrictions under this status are the following: a. Private gatherings limited to 10 attendees, from no more than two households. b. Public gatherings limited to 50 attendees, or 25 percent of fire code capacity, whichever is less. c. Masks required at all times in the company of people outside one’s immediate household, both inside and outside. d. Adult and youth sports tournaments are prohibited. e. Restaurant and bars limited to 25 percent of capacity, with no more than four people at a table. Reservations are required at sit-down restaurants and bars. f. Gyms, fitness and dance studios limited to 25 percent of capacity. Masks required at all times. g. Casinos limited to 25 percent of capacity. h. Art galleries, museums, aquariums, libraries, racetracks, bowling alleys, mini golf, arcades and zoos limited to 25 percent of capacity. i. Stores of more than 50,000 square feet must have monitors at entrances to manage capacity. 3. The “Pause” was extended through January 15, 2021. 4. Prior to the “Pause” which was issued in November 2020, the convention centers were allowing 1000 people per hall, or 10% of the allowed capacity. We are hopeful that this allowance will be reintroduced. 5. MGM properties are currently open and operating. 6. As of today, the Las Vegas Classic is still a scheduled event at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. 7. The SCVA is finalizing details for the Showcase. a. Planned for Friday Night prior to the start of the event. b. NCAA D1 schools will not be able to attend. c. NCAA D2, NCAA D3, and NAIA schools are allowed to be present. d. Working on streaming the event for those not in attendance as well. The SCVA will continue to update all entered clubs/teams in the event as more information is available. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this waiting period. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Thank you, SCVA Staff

Shannon Davenport

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